A better framework for peace (1)

This is the first of two articles outlining a radically different framework for peace, one that doesn't envision endless conflict. Part 1 today argues against the belief that basic human justice requires a new Palestinian state. Part 2 presents an alternative framework for resolving the conflict. The main arguments intrinsic to the Oslo Accords and to the Road Map rest on a series of false premises. Demonstrably false argument 1.  We need to make a new country out of land taken from Israel There are 22 Arab countries and only one Jewish country. The land—rich Arabs already occupy over 5 million square miles and land—poor Israel, including all of its territories, comprises only about 10,000 square miles. The Arab areas are thus 500 times larger than Israel; In other words, the Arabs already possess 99.8% of the total land. Only a mind, hopelessly out of touch with reality can seriously suggest that the Arabs need still more land, carved out of Israel, to create yet...(Read Full Article)