A better framework for peace (1)

This is the first of two articles outlining a radically different framework for peace, one that doesn't envision endless conflict. Part 1 today argues against the belief that basic human justice requires a new Palestinian state. Part 2 presents an alternative framework for resolving the conflict.

The main arguments intrinsic to the Oslo Accords and to the Road Map rest on a series of false premises.

Demonstrably false argument 1.  We need to make a new country out of land taken from Israel

There are 22 Arab countries and only one Jewish country. The land—rich Arabs already occupy over 5 million square miles and land—poor Israel, including all of its territories, comprises only about 10,000 square miles. The Arab areas are thus 500 times larger than Israel; In other words, the Arabs already possess 99.8% of the total land. Only a mind, hopelessly out of touch with reality can seriously suggest that the Arabs need still more land, carved out of Israel, to create yet another country. The so called West Bank and Gaza areas total 2,300 square miles and comprise a miniscule 0.046% of the entire Arab empire — and to seize this speck of land the Arabs are willing to fight and die forever!

Demonstrably false argument 2. — The 'Palestinians' are a separate people who deserve their own country

There is NO legitimate 'Palestinian' people and there never was. Even the name of Palestine is a historic fraud perpetrated by the Romans, to permanently erase the original name of Judea, following the Jewish revolt against Rome of two thousand years ago. As recently as the 1940's the name 'Palestinian' clearly meant a Jew in the land of Israel and Arabs were simply called Arabs. After Israel's rebirth the local Arabs appropriated that now—available title for themselves and created a new identity. This was done for purely hostile political purposes to undermine Israel's claim to its Biblical homeland. In all of history there NEVER was a Palestinian nation, or country, or people, or language, or religion, which was distinct from the existing Arab counties in that region. Repeated attempts to rewrite history must never be allowed to corrupt the truth. To fully expose the 'Palestinian' hoax in modern times one should read Joan Peter's critically acclaimed book, From Time Immemorial — The Origins of the Arab—Jewish Conflict Over Palestine.

Demonstrably false argument 3. — We can have a viable 'Palestinian' state in the so—called West Bank and Gaza next to a viable Israel.

Proponents of the Road Map offer NO development plan whatsoever. Any genuine plan must include a comprehensive environmental impact study covering: population growth; water resources; agriculture resources; economic development; social and political considerations; etc., with projections extending through at least the next century. Proponents offer NO plan because it is impossible to design any plan that enables both peoples to live viably in so tiny an area along with normal population growth. Below are projections for population growth in Israel and the territory of the proposed Palestinian state, based on current growth rates:

Inside Israel   The Israeli Arabs have double the Israeli birth rate and are already 23% of the population and gaining. They remain mostly hostile and will soon be able to gain political control. They already hold about 10% of the Knesset seats. Israel will thus be unable to remain permanently Jewish, and the Israeli Arabs will always be seeking to advance their Arab identity in conflict with Israel.

Inside the territories   Adding a few living refugees, along with millions of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, to the fast—growing populations of the West Bank and Gaza would worsen already miserable conditions there. Rather than flourish, the populations are likely to fester in dependency, poverty, and extremism.

Demonstrably false argument 4. — Arab possession of their 22 countries and 5 million square miles is legitimate and not to be challenged.

Just how did the Arabs come to control such vast territories? They got it the old fashioned way — by conquest! Before Mohammed, 1,400 years ago the Arabs lived in the Arabian peninsula. Mohammed created Islam and with it the zeal for jihad to conquer and convert, often by force. During the period following Mohammed, the Arabs conquered vast areas in north Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia, and spread Islam far and wide. Today Arabs directly control 5 million square miles and 22 sovereign states, while non—Arab Islamic countries control nearly another 5 million square miles.

The Arabs like to claim that they were the original inhabitants in the land of Israel. Actually Arab invaders did not enter the land of Israel until about the year 638 while Jews had established their first commonwealth under King David, with Jerusalem as their capital, over 1,600 years earlier. Archaeologically, the entire land of Israel testifies to the ancient Jewish presence but there is no evidence of any ancient 'Palestinian' presence. And some of those 22 Arab countries, including Iraq and Jordan, were created by England during the past century to further their imperial interests and with no historical justification.

Advocates of these schemes seriously propose to: invent a people that never was; steal land from those with virtually no land; give that stolen Jewish land to those with too much land and too much murderous hatred; and then let them all grow in numbers and suffocate together inside of a coffin—size territory — all in the name of peace and justice! That is what passes for thinking in this insane world.