The Gipper`s final hurrah

The Baehr Essentials President Reagan`s death and funeral appear to have lifted the current President and his party in all the new polls out this week.  Less than two weeks ago, Senator Kerry jumped out to a six or seven point lead in two national polls, Gallup and the LA Times.  This week, Bush leads by from one to three points in several national surveys. For a race that has been very close since Senator Kerry clinched his party's nomination, this turn is not insignificant. I have been in Europe and did not see the American coverage of the Reagan funeral and events. As many travelers know, CNN International is significantly less friendly to the mother country than CNN in America, much as the International Herald Tribune, now solely owned by the New York Times, makes the New York Times itself seem fair and balanced.   I have relied on these sources for the Reagan events, and both CNN and the Tribune strained to give Reagan their blessing at least for his...(Read Full Article)