Memorandum to Karl Rove

Satire   We at Overstep Strategies, LLC, are proud to have been selected by the re—election campaign for counsel on opposition disempowerment™. Undermining the other side's ability take advantage of their natural strengths is a complex process, which requires vision and discipline. As we advised you at the beginning of this engagement in 2003, it remains necessary to take some hits and suffer apparent damage, in order to lure the opposition forces into the kind of overconfidence which commits them to losing strategies.   Now that poll data reveals the President recovering a slight lead — prematurely in our estimation — it is necessary to review progress according to our strategic guidelines, so as to prevent our side from committing the very sort of errors we are inducing in the opposition. Since our consulting relationship must of necessity remain completely invisible outside the inner circle, it will be up to you to take the hits in the press, and within...(Read Full Article)