Will al Qaeda re-elect the President?

The Baehr Essentials   Howard Fineman reported that the Kerry campaign is leaning strongly towards John Edwards for his VP pick. Edwards was a favorite of the media during the primary season —— he is a fresh face, a smooth speaker (performer, really), and apparently polls well with Kerry. The Edwards boomlet raises some interesting themes. During the primary season, Edwards won only South Carolina, his birth state, and lost narrowly in Iowa and Wisconsin, two Midwestern states sure to be closely contested in the Fall. He also lost narrowly in Oklahoma to Wesley Clark, giving the General his only victory.   Despite his Southern roots, Edwards is not a cinch to add any Deep South states to the Kerry camp. But he might help in Florida, in many ways not a Southern state at all, and in the competitive Midwest. So far, he has spent his time auditioning in Ohio and Florida, a clue to where the Kerry team thinks the election will be decided.  Edwards is a...(Read Full Article)