A Bad Week for the President is a Mixed Week in the Polls

The Baehr Essentials There are very mixed messages in the most recent polling for the Presidential election. Several surveys, particularly those that include Ralph Nader, continue to show a Bush lead of from 2 to 6 points. These include NBC News/Wall St. Journal, CBS, Quinnipiac, and Sacred Heart University (a new one for me). But the daily Rasmussen Tracking Poll, which does not specifically include Nader, tells a different tale. In one week, Bush has gone from a 4 point lead to a 4 point deficit in the Rasmussen Tracking Poll.  The decline for Bush seems to begin the night of the Sixty Minutes program on Abu Ghraib.  Some of the national surveys include a poll with Nader and one without Nader. The without—Nader surveys always show Kerry doing better, as Nader pulls an average of about 5% when his name is offered, drawing support mostly from the Kerry total.  Kerry leads in most of the polls with Nader out of the question. The Rasmussen Poll is an automated...(Read Full Article)