UN will set the clock back in Iraq

It appears as if some on the right are now willing to surrender to the comfort—zone urge of allowing the UN back into Iraq. This is a political compromise between Blair and Bush that will significantly harm the already finely balanced situation, and may one day, in hindsight, come to be known as having been the worst decision made by the Coalition's two main leaders.   The investigation into the UN 'Oil for Food' scandal has not yet begun, and without taking into consideration the fact that most Iraqis hate the UN more than they hate the Coalition, we will end up having invited that dishonest, imbecilic and tainted bureaucracy of has—been politicians — from some of the most corrupt nations in the world — to jaunt back into a position of power in Baghdad.   Locking the UN out of Iraq was the right decision before the war kicked off, and nothing has changed to call for a reversal of that decision. The UN opted out of influence in a post—war...(Read Full Article)