Iraq, Israel, and the Electoral College

The Baehr Essentials President Bush has slipped in most national poll the past few weeks.  These polls sample 600 to 1,000 voters, typically over the course of three days.  The average of the various recent polls give Senator Kerry about a 2 to 4 per cent lead in a head to head race with President Bush, and the race is approximately even with Ralph Nader included.  Most of the polls include tallies both with and without Ralph Nader.  The polls with Nader included tend to show Kerry dropping a few points and Bush dropping only slightly. Nader polls about 4% on average in these polls. The Nader vote is unreliable. In 2000, with the backing of the Green Party, Nader was still able to win only 2.7% of the national vote. This year, he needs to gain 1.5 million names on signed petitions to give him as much ballot access as the Greens were able to deliver to him last time. As in 2000, we will probably have a close national election. Some Democrats and leftists will be...(Read Full Article)