Using the Free Media

The Democrats have hit on a savvy approach to dealing with the appearance of being severely under—funded in the race against President Bush. I say appearance of being under—funded, since the Kerry effort in the next few months will include his own fund —raising, and that of various support efforts on his behalf. Kerry can match or even exceed the President's fund—raising, if Democrats eager to defeat the President choose to contribute. The DNC has raised more than $15 million for ads, and so—called 527 independent expenditure groups such as will spend more than that on Kerry's behalf ($15 million to start, and much more with constant replenishment by George Soros, Peter Lewis and other such 'plutocrats for the people'). Note too, that the Democrats who competed for the nomination of their party, have already spent tens of millions of dollars on ads, over 90% of them directing fire at Bush, rather than other Democratic candidates. In...(Read Full Article)