Trust But Verify -- Again

In mid—February, President George W. Bush gave a detailed rundown of how Dr. A. Q. Khan, the "father" of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, had masterminded covert transfers of nuclear technology and know—how to countries such as Iran and Libya.  As if to underscore the harm the Khan proliferation ring had wrought, international inspectors subsequently found traces of weapons—grade uranium, a key building block for nuclear weapons, on Iranian centrifuges.   The worst part of the whole affair: No laws, domestic or international, were broken.  Dr. Khan was pardoned after publicly confessing to his misdeeds.  But President Bush wrapped up his tough talk about Pakistani proliferation on a Pollyannish note, declaring that "President [Pervez] Musharraf has promised to share all the information he learns about the Khan network, and has assured us that his country will never again be a source of proliferation."   The recent pitched battle in...(Read Full Article)