New Breed of British Homegrown Islamicists

The arrest of eight British Muslim terror suspects, and the discovery of half a ton of fertilizer in London yesterday, should be sending shockwaves through the UK's intelligence and security organizations such as MI5.   Even if found guilty, these eight British passport—holders of Pakistani descent, aged between 17 and 32 years old, will probably not be proven to be directly linked with Al—Qaeda.   Instead, and just as frightening —— or perhaps even worse —— is that they may represent a new class of radical Islamic terrorists: British born and bred.   Radical Islamic groups operating in the UK such as Al Muhajiroun, are the likely nursery, indoctrination, and training grounds for young British Muslims, who want to join the anti—Western Jihad. It's unlikely that these eight terror suspects ever trained or even traveled to the Al—Qaeda terror training camps in Afghanistan. They are simply too young to have been graduates...(Read Full Article)