Cratering and Rising

A month back just before the capture of Saddam Hussein, and after the endorsement of former Vice President Al Gore, Howard Dean shot out to a huge lead in national polls (15—20%) over whomever was second, a 25 percentage point lead in New Hampshire, and a 10—20 percentage point lead in Iowa (depending on the poll). A lot has changed in a  month for the all but certain nominee of a month ago. Yesterday morning brought news that the latest Zogby Poll  shows Dean clinging to a 2% point lead over Gephardt in Iowa (25—23%), and John Kerry and a late charging John Edwards 10—11% further back.  A month ago, Dean registered as high as 42% in Iowa. In New Hampshire, General Wesley Clark has moved into a strong second place position at 20%, with John Kerry slipping to 10% in third. Dean who once held 45% of the New Hampshire vote in polls a month ago, is down to 35%. So too, Dean's internet mailing list has stalled short of 600,000 names, and his...(Read Full Article)