Coming Attractions?

If the Republicans are to become a permanent majority party, they have to expand their base.   Michael Barone has argued that the 2002 election might have been a way station to real Republican control (a six percentage point Congressional vote margin), but it needs to be confirmed a few times for it to be real. The 2002 election followed several virtual ties in both the national Congressional vote and of course the 2000 Presidential election. Demographic trends are mixed. The rapidly growing Hispanic population favors the Democrats. The growth of the religious Christian community, whose birth rate greatly outnumbers that of the secular population, is a boon for the GOP (many surveys show young people are more conservative and supportive of the GOP, than the general population). The huge increases in the number of Americans with graduate degrees, appears to favor the Democrats (David Brooks' "bobos in their latte towns"). Were Rudy Giuiiani to slay the last standing...(Read Full Article)