Obama's Awkward, Unfunny Interview with 'Hangover' Star

It’s not funny but it’s on “Funny or Die.” President Barack Obama appears in a “Funny or Die” video with Zack Galifiankis for the comedian’s “Between Two Ferns” satirical talk show. The pair strident, antagonistic trade barbs that don’t work– they come off as hostile and satirical. Then there’s a pitch for Obamacare and its impending March 31st deadline. This is supposed to appeal to young people. But basically the two just insult each other. The whole comes off as less presidential than Richard Nixon saying “Sock it to me” on “Laugh In.” Obama should not quit his day job.

Obama attempts to create a humorous viral video to promote Obamacare, but it ends up about as well as the launch of the healthcare.gov website...