What if it were a 'Limited Strike' on US?

Jerry McGlothlin: Turnabout is fair play, as they say. But it feels a bit different when you're the target. As the world knows, Obama is poised to wage a "limited strike" against Syria. We're told it is to punish President Assad for mistreating his people. What if the situation were reversed and some other nation were to say they are going to wage a limited strike against the United States? ...for mistreating their conservatives or Tea Party organizations who were discriminated against by a totalitarian politically controlled taxing agency known as the IRS that "crossed the red line." ...or for the less than stellar living conditions of our Native Americans. ...or for domestic genocide waged against a class of citizens known as pre-born citizens with 50 million dead and counting. ...or for unjust taxation or for financing terrorists or any of one hundred other "crimes." Oh, but it would only be a "limited strike," just three days of cruise missiles on New York...(Back to Video)