O: Russia to the Rescue!

By Jerry McGlothlin It's Russia to the rescue, saving Obama's skin in the nick of time. In a desperate attempt to save face, in his address to the nation, Obama tried to act as if he had a master plan to visit Russia to end the chemical weapons stand-off in Syria. Actually, it was John Kerry's gaffe that Russia picked up on that led to Obama asking Congress to delay the vote to bomb Syria. Kerry joked about Obama backing down if Syria would get rid of their chemical arsenal within a week. Not happening, he retorted. But since Russian President Putin didn't want his Ally Assad bombed, any plan--or gaffe--would work. So Putin called Kerry's bluff and put Kerry's backhanded offer into play. What is absurd, even laughable, was to watch Obama on prime time TV giving a national address trying to take credit for that gaffe as if it were strategy. He looked Americans right into their eyes, actually a teleprompter, trying to add rhyme or reason to his strategic flip-flopping and...(Back to Video)