Best Obamacare Video You'll Ever Watch

Reason TV and Remy's "Obamacare Video Contest Song."

What's hated by unions has businesses wary and dropping coverage like the 'Skins secondary?

Causing thousands of layoffs taking its toll? What's so good for people that they're forced to enroll?

What's a law that's so good folks who passed and defended it see it and got waivers to be exempted? It's

like Olestra, at first it sounded hip but we quickly found ourselves dealing with a whole lot of sh...

Obamacare, Obamacare Unions and businesses both in despair

So to recap, young people, your hours get cut and your income goes down and your premiums up

and the taxes you pay with the cash you have left go to pay for a stupid video contest, touting

Obamacare, Obamacare Unions and businesses both in despair

It's hated by doctors and unions are mad. Not since Billy Ray Cyrus has someone made something this bad.

Hat tip: William Sullivan and ijreview

Remy Munasifi from the libertarian website Reason has an incredibly hilarious video entry for a $30,000 Obamacare video contest. You just have to see it.