Obama Mocked by Popular Egyptian Belly Dancer - Video Goes Viral

Hat tip: PatriotInk

From the Washington Times:
As the U.S. went into an anti-terrorist embassy lockdown this weekend throughout the Middle East, one thing, at least, was becoming increasingly clear: the Egyptians sure don't like President Obama.

Proof of this arose this weekend as an anti-Obama YouTube video recently posted by popular Egyptian belly dancer Sama Al Masry went viral, boasting some 163,000 views as of last count on Sunday, August 4.

In her video, Ms. Al Masry heaps curses on the President and his ancestors, and not sparing current U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson either. But this equal opportunity satirist also goes after now-former Egyptian President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood allies, too, exemplifying the strange anti-Brotherhood alliance that has blossomed recently between Egypt's secularists and that country's once detested armed forces.

The popular Egyptian belly dancer, Sama Al Masry, makes fun of Barack Obama, his ancestors and his ambassador in Egypt, Ann Paterson, for their stance on Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.