Laughing At Liberals - Trayvon Supporters Declare War

Credit for the following videos: Laughing At Liberals White People: "Check Your Privilege" Trayvon Martin supporter tells white people that it's "not enough to feel bad, it's not enough to not be a bigot", you have to "check your privilege every single day" and give money to organizations, "because racism is a national disaster, just like hurricanes, and bombings, and shootings are" "We Are All Soldiers, We Are At War" "Militant" and "radicalized" Trayvon Martin Supporter proclaims that "Slavery has not died, slavery was replaced by the prison system" and goes on a tirade. Low Information Trayvon Martin Supporter So this is how so many people have ended up supporting Trayvon Martin. This gal has obviously spent no more than 20 seconds learning about what actually happened, as she seems to be under the impression that Zimmerman saw Martin walking along looking suspicious, then pulled out the gun and shot him. How has this chick NOT seen the photos of Zimmerman's nose and...(Back to Video)