'Every F***ing Cop Is A Target' - Trayvon Rally in Portland

Credit for the following videos: Laughing At Liberals

"Every F***ing Cop Is A Target"

During the justice for Trayvon Martin rally in Portland, one man tells the crowd that every 28 hours a young black person is killed by a "security guard who's trigger happy" or a "racist who's stalking and killing young black boys", "I'm tired of waiting", "Every f***ing cop is a target", refers to police Captain Mark Kruger as a "target", and proclaims "We need to start making moves that'll show them we have power to force them into positions that we want them in"

"Make Demands Of The System & Tear It Down"

Ridiculous lines are chanted during the march, and during the rally at the police station, one gentleman calls George Zimmerman a "psychopath", calls this a "system of exploitation", says we should "keep struggling every day", and ends by saying we should "make demands of the system and tear it down". This during a march and rally for Trayvon Martin in Portland, Oregon, July 13th, just a few hours after the verdict was announced.

Trayvon Supporter Warns Against Violence

Yes he's wearing a dress, yes he's a well known Occupier, yes he's been featured in previous videos of mine, but in this case, Joseph Tequila warns against violence, citing the damage that it does to the community, especially the poor and minority areas. Bravo, Mr. Tequila, thank you for making sense!

"More Sweeps, More Broken Windows"

As the rally for Trayvon Martin in Portland winds down, a man at the rally says that if the police are going to do more sweeps, they need to be prepared for more broken windows.

It is difficult to know when to laugh and when to be horrified sometime...