NSA Directs Police to Stop Reporters Filming on Public Land

Three videos of the incident follow this report from Campus Reform: Police on Wednesday prohibited two of our reporters from filming an alleged covert government facility where Edward Snowden is believed to have worked as a security guard in 2005. In a separate incident on Thursday, two other Campus Reform reporters were briefly detained and forced to provide identification to officers as a condition of remaining in the public area outside the building. Sergeant Aaron Davis, spokesperson for the UMD Police Department said his officers were acting at the direction of "NSA security" officials in both incidents. Police demand ID from reporters photographing alleged NSA facility on public university's campus Police stop, detain reporters from photographing alleged NSA facility Police force CRO reporters off possible NSA site According to a legal guide published by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), individuals are permitted to photograph federal buildings from...(Back to Video)