Secret Recording: IRS Tells Pro-Life Group to 'Keep Your Faith to Yourself'

Hat tip: HotAir
Via The Blaze, here's part of the exchange. The group in question, Pro-Life Revolution, waited more than two years for its tax exemption:

Wan lectured Joseph on the group's mission and told the pro-life leader that she needs to "know [her] boundaries."

"You cannot force your religion or force your beliefs on somebody else," Wan told Joseph in a nearly 10-minute phone conversation.

"I just have a question, Sherry," Joseph interjected. "Is handing a brochure to somebody forcing somebody to do something they don't want to do?"

Wan explained her position.

"You convince them. But when you take a lot of action, [unintelligible] other people. For example, when you, you know, go to, you know, the abortion clinic, and you found them [unintelligible], we don't want, you know, to come against them," the agent said.

"You can't take all kinds of confrontation activities and also put something on a website and ask people to take action against the abortion clinic. That's not, that's not really educational."

The IRS was far from loved before, but it only gets worse with every new story and piece of evidence presented in the targeting of conservative and religious groups scandal. This recorded phone call is just one of the latest outrages.

Listen as IRS agent Sherry Wan lectures Ania Joseph on how she can't have a tax exemption and also push her religious beliefs-- advice that would be quite interesting to EVERY church in America...