RIP: Lautenberg Called 'Partisan Hack' by Christie

From The Daily Caller:
Christie then slammed politicians in Washington, asking, "What the hell are they doing down there? They're not working for us."

"Republicans put our press releases yelling at Democrats, Democrats put out press releases yelling at Republicans," he continued. "They forget who sent them there and who they're supposed to be working for."

Christie said he will not "make any apologies for working with right-minded Democrats to make progress" in the state.

"You voted for divided government, and it's my job as governor to make it work. We're making it work and we're not going to listen to partisan hacks like Frank Lautenberg," said Christie, the first Republican in New Jersey to be elected to statewide office in 12 years.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg passed away today at the age of 89. The "partisan hack" comments by Christie came just two months ago.

Democrat Sen. Frank Lautenberg passed away today. Hear what New Jersey Governor Chris Christie thought of Lautenberg and the rest of Washington.