Innovative Israel Going Fully Digital

From Bloomberg:
Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) will make Israel the world's first fully digital country with a fiber-optic network to serve multiple requirements, showcasing technology that other nations may adopt, its chief executive officer said.

"Israel's transformation to next-generation 'Start-Up Nation,' the digitalization of the whole country, that is the future," CEO John Chambers said, referring to the title of a book on the country's technology industry. "Israel is going to be the first digital nation if we are successful."

Cisco is likely to start building the fast network for Israel Electric Corp. this year. It will compete with the networks of Hot Telecommunication System Ltd. and Bezeq The Israeli Telecommunication Corp. (BEZQ)and will eventually serve as the backbone for electricity, television, health care and even education, Chambers said in Jerusalem today.

With the help of Cisco, Israel is set to become the first fully digital 'Start-Up Nation.'

Watch the announcement with PM Benjamin Netanyahu and tell us what you think of this innovative partnership.