Deja Vu? Another USC Prof. Caught Ranting About Conservatives

*Watch original USC scandal of a different Poli Sci professor: Secret Video: USC Prof. Rants About 'Stupid, Racist Republicans' In Every Class*

Hat tip: Oliver Darcy of Campus Reform

In the 20-minute secret recording, captured by student Tyler Talgo, during the Fall 2012 semester, Dekmejian also leveled a number of derogatory comments against members of the Bush administration, alleging both Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice"lied" to the American people during their service.

"You have to use that term [lying] people," he reflected. "Don't use that term mislead."

In his class, Dekmejian additionally appeared to accuse some Christians of salivating over violence in the Middle East.


Last month, USC was hurled into the national headlines after a video recording showed another political science professor verbally assaulting Republicans.

A second professor at the University of Southern California (USC) has been caught on video using his political science class as a platform for bashing conservatives.

In the video, Political Science Professor Richard Dekmejian boldly claims that former President George W. Bush suffered from "serious intellectual and mental problems" during his time in office.

This is 'higher education'?