Peace? More Preaching Anti-Semitism in Gaza

JanSuzanne Krasner

On May 9, 2013, Egyptian Al-Azhar preacher and Shura Council Member Sheik Muhammad Al-Saghir blatantly expressed his anti-Semitism to a Gaza audience.

In the video Al-Saghir tells his followers to "take his heart, which has become as hard as steel, and use it to stone all the Jews."

But, he also had the same hateful rhetoric against America for being the patron of Israel. "It is America that plunged a poisonous dagger of hatred into the heart of the Arab and Islamic nation. America holds the remote control, and commands the movements of its apes, its pigs and its juvenile thugs on the frontier land of glory." He describes how his 'social media' followers speak of their visions for Jerusalem and Palestine as rightfully belonging to the Arabs and worthy of continued Jihad..."and to kiss, on behalf of the Egyptian people, the heads of the mothers and fathers of martyrs, and especially the symbol of resistance, Ismail Haniya."

Folks, one has to wonder how there can ever be peace in the Middle East when the Arab masses believe what their lying religious/political leaders say...much of which is intentionally done to rally further hatred and continue the leadership's control. Poverty, ignorance and religious fervor are what is prevalent in much of the Middle East making it a highly volatile environment...especially ripe for Iranian control through their proxies as is being done in Syria with Bashir.

Can "peace" even be possible when up against this?