Anti-Gun Group Breaks Law They Helped Pass!

So, at this gun turn in, we have more than 25 firearms that are available for transfer, Ceasefire Oregon does not have a Federal Firearms License listed in the FFL database, no one is conducting background checks, and there is no notice posted explaining the requirements of background checks. There is also no exemption listed in the ORS, so claiming that because it's in cooperation with the police or that the guns are going to be destroyed is invalid as it relates to the law.


Plain and simple, this was an illegal gun show. If anyone else were to try to do this, they would be cited for the Class A misdemeanor and the show would immediately be shut down. Instead, the police arbitrarily decided that they were not going to enforce the law (sort of like they did with all of the Occupy nonsense).

Ceasefire Oregon, the state's premier gun control advocacy group, holds their semi annual gun turn in. However, it turns out they are in violation of their "gun show loophole" laws that they helped to pass!

Watch what the Mayor and Police do about it when made aware of this illegal activity in progress...