Rush: Obama is Inspiring More Racism, Division in Others
RUSH LIMBAUGH: That's an interesting take, that the president inspires it, inspires racism. It may well be the case. I'm sure that the "person" there -- the Episcopalian person, Luis Leon -- knew that Obama was coming in advance. You know he'd have to for security and all that. So he probably said, "All right, I'm gonna really rev it up now." So Obama's presence inspires this guy to go all divisive, all racist and start jamming on the Republicans for wanting blacks in the back of the bus and women in the back of the kitchen, when he can't name a single person who does. But the president of the United States, you may be right, may have inspired that in this preacher, and then sat there and listened to it -- and, by definition, approvingly so, by not getting up and leaving it, and by not criticizing it when he walks out. Which does not surprise me. I know that this president's not interested in unifying people. But a lot of people think he is.

Rush Limbaugh discusses the idea that President Obama is now actually inspiring further division and racism in America.