Howard Student Tries to Corner Rand Paul: 'I'm A Dollar Sign With A Heartbeat... Citizens Worth More Than Dead Presidents and Ben Franklin'
Howard University student: "Good afternoon, Senator. My name is Keenan Glover, I'm an administration of justice major from Rochester, New York. A freshman, as well. You say you want to provide a government that leaves us alone. Quite frankly, I don't want that. I want a government that is going to help me. I want a government that is going to help me fund my college education. I want a government that won't define me by my FAFSA or by my family's income. I'm a dollar sign with a heartbeat in this nation. This society is a mirror image of Capitol Hill. Do you, Senator Rand Paul, have a solution to come up with new American values so that the citizens of this nation have a worth of more than dead presidents and Ben Franklin?"

(Bold emphasis added for this post)

Sen. Rand Paul took audience questions at Howard University. This student was given the last question of the day.

Watch how Paul handled it and then tell us if you agree or have a better answer.