Newt: Obama is 10 Years Ahead of the Republican Party

Real Clear Politics "We don't want to become a party in which a handful of political bosses gather up money from billionaires in order to destroy the candidates they don't like," Newt Gingrich said on CBS "This Morning," explaining his opposition to Rove's strategy. "I think this is a very dangerous model. Last year we lost nine political races that we could have won. There's some very deep rethinking we need to do as a party, but it isn't gathering up more money by Washington consultants." "A lot of our consultants are frankly just kidding themselves about how big the gap is. The Obama campaign today is about eight years or 10 years ahead of the Republican Party in very fundamental effort to understand the country. This is a country which is in many ways younger, more Latino, more Asian-American, more African-American than Republican strategists are capable of dealing with," Gingrich said. "As a result. We're going to be non-competitive at the presidential level. We're doing...(Back to Video)