Carney Cornered: Obama's Corporate Jet Tax Rhetoric Loses Middle Class Jobs

Reporter: There are tens of thousands of people who are middle class workers who work in corporate aviation. My question is, including several tens of thousands in Kansas, Washington, Oklahoma. They are very worried about this president's comments about eliminating the tax exemption. Because, in their words, every time it's been eliminated before, there have been layoffs; there have been layoffs in Kansas since the President started mentioning this in the corporate aviation area. These are middle class workers. What would you say to them?

...I mean, he supports a family.

Is this administration saying that they don't value certain middle class jobs as highly if they work for wealthy Americans?

It seems like the attitude from the White House is that private sector jobs take a back seat to unsustainable government programs and spending. Plus, it sounds better to claim you're only soaking the evil rich, right?