Ambush: Islamist al-Nusra Front Detonates 50 IEDs Against Syrian Military Convoy

Hat tip: Bill Schanefelt The al-Nusra Front had claimed responsibility for the operation in a communiqué issued on January 18, and reported that it occurred on December 6, 2012. According to the video, two months prior to the attack, a number of the group's fighters were killed on the same road in a clash with Syrian forces. The al-Nusra Front is proving to be "the most aggressive and successful arm of the rebel force" in Syria, but they are also Islamist extremists and express hostility toward America and Israel. Al-Nusra has claimed an ultimate goal of instituting sharia law following any government overthrow, which should concern allied Syrians and America. The group was designated by the United States as a terrorist organisation in December 2012. (Back to Video)