'High on a Mountaintop' - Benghazi Tribute to the Fallen Heroes by Chris Cassone

Hat tip: ConservativeInk High On A Mountaintop I heard the man on the radio, said, "My son is gone and what's to show?" Defending who knows what for who knows why. Half a world away they watched for real, they saw the soul of a Navy Seal "Who gave the order for my son to die?" Evil men telling evil lies Just to win a vote you let them die While that drone would only hover. Finger pointing. They're on the run. Investigations have all begun. How much more will they uncover? High on a mountaintop. That's the only place where I can stop this crying High on a mountaintop. Closer to God and further from all this lying. You know it stands to reason, and it's shaping up like treason, we all know. He didn't even have to venture in, but when his brothers, they all needed him, He was on the spot...not flying to Vegas. Real leaders lead when they are called, Never thinking that they'll drop the ball But drop to their knees for Him who has made us 9-11, baby, you should have...(Back to Video)