Kids With Guns - Sunni Children Soldiers in North Lebanon

Janet Tassel Thanks to our good friends at MEMRI, The Middle East Research Institute (, we can view excerpts from a TV program on child soldiers in northern Tripoli, Lebanon, which aired on Al-Jadid/New TV. A video of a street battle is followed by footage of youngsters using their weapons, after which the boys speak with a reporter. Transcript follows: Boy: There is no school tomorrow, mom. Mother: Yes there is. Boy: Ask them if there is school tomorrow. Reporter: Do you like going to school? Boy: Who me? Yeah right.... Reporter: Do you use these weapons a lot? Boy: A lot. Whenever there is a battle. Hussein, sitting next to him: Since 2008. Ever since we understood what's going on. Since we understood what weapons are all about. Reporter: Aren't you afraid? Boy: No. Reporter: Why aren't you afraid? Someone might see you carrying a gun and shoot you. Boy: At least I will be defending my area, and will die as a martyr, defending my family and the people...(Back to Video)