Greg Gutfeld Rips Black NYT Columnist For Calling Tim Scott A "Token"

Hat tip:

GREG GUTFELD: So, they're racist if they do and racist if they don't. Yep, Adolph Reed writes in the New York Times that while the Republican nomination of Tim Scott to be the first Southern black Senator since Reconstruction seems like a milestone, it ain't. Because Scott's not a lefty. According to Adolph, an ivy league professor, black Republicans don't count because they have "been more tokens than signs of progress."

For proof, Adolph points out that Scott is staunchly anti-tax, anti-union and anti-abortion. So, I guess Adolph thinks that all blacks are hot for high taxes, unions and abortions? No stereotyping there. To say this is racist is pointless; right now we're just decided how racist this is. I guess to Adolph, Scott is just another 'cornball brother'.

This is the big leagues of stupidity, which can only mean the Ivy League, where political correctness and narrow-minded twaddle like Reed's passes as scholarship. This is analysis with a depth of a cereal box list of ingredients. But, Adolph is unlikely to get criticism. What he will get is tenure and a book deal; they're giving them out to any idiot these days.

And so, Adolph's employed in an arena that champions open minds and yet he denigrates anyone who deviates from the herd. Oh, Adolph. Assuming all blacks think alike is idiotic, perhaps as idiotic as assuming all Adolphs think alike too.

This double standard on the left is mind-numbing, and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld doesn't hold back in calling out the idiocy and hypocrisy. Unfortunately it is more likely that Gutfeld will be vilified for facetiously mentioning Adolph Hitler...