Awesome: Woman Warrior Shreds 'War on Women' Myth

Hat tip: Twitchy

McSally: (inaudible) That you didn't see are about the war on women. I mean, I'm a woman warrior. I've been fighthing for women's rights and women's equality my whole life.

You want to talk about a war on women? Walk in my shoes down the streets of Kabul. Walk in my shoes down the streets of Riyadh; where women have to be covered up. Where they're stoned, where they're honor killed if they've been raped , where they can't drive and they can't travel without the permission of a male relative.

That's a war on women. When I go out and talk to women in our district and around the country, they're concerned right now about jobs; they're concerned about affordable healthcare. They're concerned about the future of social security and medicare for them, and a good education for their kids.

That's what I'm ready to fight for. These ads are totally false and distorting my positions. And Mr. Barber today was on the radio saying that he's against negative ads yet he's running them from his own campaign that are out of the same partisan playbook: Scare the Seniors, Scare the Middle Class, Scare the Women.

This is what's wrong with politics these days and this is why I'm running to change it.

Martha McSally, who is running for Congress in Arizona's 2nd District, is sick and tired of the Left pushing its ridiculous "War on Women" myth. McSally is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel who was also the first woman to fly in combat and to command an Air Force fighter squadron. In this campaign speech she absolutely decimates liberals and their lies.