WaPo: President Trump’s Abraham Accords forced Hamas’s hands into slaughter

For years, Iran and the Palestine Liberation Organization have vocalized their aspirations—“Death to Israel” and “Death to America”— and for years, under Democrats, the U.S. has funded Iran, which in turn, uses the money to support terrorists to advance these goals.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden decided the best thing to advance peace in the Middle East was to give Iran access to hundreds of billions of dollars.

On the other hand, President Trump decided that the best way to advance peace in the volatile region was to cut off funds to terrorism’s biggest sponsor (Iran), so it couldn’t fund terrorists and build as many weapons for themselves. He had a maximum pressure campaign on Iran.

Biden and his team of incompetents decided the best thing to do was give Iran more money. They opened up Iran’s ability to sell oil to fund Hamas and other terrorists. But, according to this author at the WaPo, it is Trump’s fault that Hamas attacked Israel because of the Abraham Peace Accords. It was Trump who made the Arabs in Gaza mad. He fueled their rage. Really? Because they were so calm before?

How Trump advanced Arab-Israeli peace but fueled Palestinian rage

Strategies that spawned the Abraham Accords — a transactional approach to foreign affairs that opens the way for unpredictable alliances and accommodations — shed light on how Trump might manage the Middle East crisis if voters return him to power.

The accords were perhaps Trump’s signature foreign policy achievement. Yet the diplomatic process they set in motion — especially the prospect of Saudi participation — contributed to Palestinian alienation that hastened the attack by Hamas, say current and former American, Israeli and Arab officials. And the attack, in turn, is now testing whether normal Israeli-Arab relations can hold.

The Abraham Accords represented ‘one of the reasons’ for the Oct. 7 attack, which ‘obstructed and complicated all strategies and agreements … that deny the freedom and dignity of the Palestinian people,’ said Abbas Zaki, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah, the political faction that controls the Palestinian Authority.

The writer says the Middle East would be much more dangerous if Trump were reelected. You see, bringing peace to countries that recognize Israel’s right to exist is dangerous, and causes violence, because it makes Iran and the “Palestinians” mad.

Now that is a delusional “journalist.”

It is similar to saying that after three years of Biden reversing Trump’s policies to control the border, that the disaster of a massive incursion of illegals is the fault of Trump and the Republicans.

It is clearer every day that most of the media believe their job is to campaign for Democrats and their radical policies. Facts haven’t mattered for a long time.  They should have to report their in-kind contributions to the FEC.

Rachel Maddow says that Biden, despite the revelations of being a feeble-minded elderly man who can’t remember that he took and kept classified documents he had no right to take, is well-qualified to be president for five more years because he… “rides a bike.

(Well Rachel, not exactly—he falls off bikes, he doesn’t really ride them.)

Secondly, a lot of five-year-olds can ride a bike, along with a lot of people with dementia, but that doesn’t mean they should be president.

It has been obvious that Biden’s mental capacity, which was never very high to begin with, has severely diminished over the past several years, and he should not be president. The world and America were much safer and more prosperous when Trump was president. Keeping oil prices low kept dangerous countries like Iran and Russia in check.

What is more dangerous to America though is if they replace Biden with Gavin Newsom or some other leftist, because we will still get the same radical policies which will destroy America.

Image: Public domain.

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