Uncontrolled migration of infectious diseases

The current policy of allowing illegal migrants from across the globe without even screening for infectious diseases is disastrous.

The epidemiological situation in the world has worsened since the 1990s. This is likely caused by rapid urbanization and an increase in long-distance travel. These developments cause the spread of infectious diseases that used to be confined to small areas or randomly rise in zoonotic episodes around the world.

In the past, illegal immigration came mainly from Mexico, with Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras providing most of the rest. The current wave, invited by the Biden administration, comprises migrants from far-flung areas of South America, Africa, China, and the rest of Asia. Some locations in those areas harbor endemic and sporadically breaking from animal reservoirs infectious diseases, some of which are not known to science, and others known as extremely dangerous.

Take, for example, viral hemorrhagic fevers, such as Ebola, diseases caused by the Marburg virus, Nipah virus, Lassa virus, etc. They have fatality rates above 10%. Even single cases are used to cause strong reactions and even panic. Yet, hundreds of thousands of people from the endemic areas are marching over the border without screening, then dispersed all over the country.

Americans might be more vulnerable to those diseases than the populations of developing countries. Some of our social conditions contribute to the spread of such diseases. We have a large percentage of the immunocompromised population. Unlike countries where outbreaks periodically happen, we are not prepared for those diseases. The illegal migrants also bring in diseases that used to be eradicated in the U.S., such as tuberculosis and polio, frequently their drug-resistant varieties.

Bubonic plague is one of the least dangerous diseases carried in by illegal migration.

An extensive search reveals no published research on infectious diseases of migrants coming to the U.S. after 2019, excluding COVID-19. The serious research ended around 2009. This is despite the well-established epidemiological fact that migration is how infectious diseases spread.

The latest relevant paper I could find analyzed the data from the CDC's own Electronic Disease Notification (EDN) System over the period ending in 2019. The EDN is incomplete and is closed to the public. A 2022 systematic review of top scientific papers on infectious diseases among purported refugees, covering 1999 through 2020, found only one U.S. paper dated 2009. Recent U.S. publications on this subject are worthless DEI. That indicates political suppression of such research or, at least, publication.

The agency charged with epidemic monitoring and control is the CDC. Of course, the CDC became the most compromised and politicized agency through the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Biden administration dragged it lower. It is actively complicit in covering up and bringing infections into the U.S. The CDC fails even to monitor such diseases. The universities are afflicted with DEI and are not helpful. Are we going to DIE from DEI?

The law requires that asylum seekers are screened before entrance and are not admitted if they have any of the specified communicable diseases, from infectious tuberculosis to leprosy or viral hemorrhagic fevers (Ebola, Marburg, Nipah etc.) Of course, the Biden administration cannot care less about the law.

It might be worse than not caring. In the past, we could not think of anybody causing an epidemic to advance their purposes. Democrat electoral apparatus has proven otherwise with COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic allowed Democrats to commit mail ballot fraud in the 2020 elections.  There is no reason to believe they would give up this weapon in 2024.

There is more specific evidence. Democrat politicians and their globalist accomplices blame so-called “climate change” for both migrations and the spread of infectious diseases. Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is on the record.  When they blamed “climate change” for forest fires, their supporters set forests on fire. They might be doing the same with infectious diseases.

The intentional spreading of infectious diseases can be motivated to induce the U.S. into joining the UN pandemic treaty.

Apart from Democrats, some NGOs guiding the flow of illegal migrants are very hostile to the U.S.  They can easily select infected individuals and small groups and induce them to move into the U.S.

I hope Congress will do something about this problem.

Image: National Archives

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