Tracy Chapman puts 'woke' whining out of its misery at the Grammys

Singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman has already made her feelings known about wokester whining regarding a white country-music singer who licensed her 'Fast Car' song and got a hit out of it, but over at the Grammys, she really made her point clear -- by coming out of 20 years retirement and singing a duet with the same country music star, Luke Combs, that had the Grammy audience bawling and on their feet.

It was a class act all around, which is not something you expect much of at the Grammys anymore:

It was extraordinary. Look at how strong her performance is without all the bells and whistles of today's pop stars. Look at how respectful Combs is of her artistry. And note that both singers sang the song well in their own styles, with an expertly done arrangement that made both artists shine. No wonder that audience was on its feet. It was American music at its very best.

The backdrop of why she came out to sing that song after 20 years of silence seems to have been to let everyone know that she had put her stamp of approval on Combs using her song to license, and sing his own version of it, which was a top country hit last year. Chapman herself reportedly earned north of $500,000 in royalties for it based on that licensing, thank you very much, and her own 1988 song enjoyed a startling revival in the charts. 

It was not without controversy, and Chapman did her best to shut it down: Wokesters had screamed that Combs was appropriating her music and claimed that her song never would have become a number one country hit without a white guy singing it. I wrote about that here and here.

Chapman put out this statement last July at the height of the controversy, a rare email from her as she is very shy, which should have killed off the matter immediately, but apparently didn't:

I never expected to find myself on the country charts, but I'm honored to be there. I'm happy for Luke and his success and grateful that new fans have found and embraced 'Fast Car.'

So, to underline her message for the slow learners out there, she did her performance with Combs to make sure they got the message.

With this performance, Chapman put that woke whining to rest. She came, she sang with Combs, and once again, she was number one in her own song category -- actually, all categories:


Because, well, she's brimming with merit and talent and brilliance, and she never insults her audience. Yes, her politics are probably progressive, based on some of her song topics and lyrics, but they are always personal, and she never throws her politics in people's faces. She's first and foremost an artist. So, her music appeals to 100% of her potential audience, not 50% as the loud wokester musicians like to do to themselves, shutting out half their potential buying audience by yelling about MAGA or whatever. Chapman doesn't do that -- she lets her beautiful music speak for itself as befits a true artist.

That's why she's number one -- and every woke Hollywood loudmouth ought to take notice.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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