The View accuses black voters turning their backs on the Democrats of being ‘grifters’ in a ‘downward spiral’

As Joe Biden angrily screeched: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black!” Independent thinking is not allowed, just servitude.

Black Americans are not permitted to leave the Democrat reservation, but when they disobey there’s hell to pay, and bigoted mudslinging attacks ensue—they’re denigrated with the “Uncle Tom” or “race traitor” moniker, and now, according to Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, black Americans leaving the left are in a “downward spiral” and guilty of grifting. See here, from a NewsBusters report yesterday:

The View Previews Black History Month: ‘Downward Spiral of Black Republicans’

In anticipation of the start of Black History Month on Wednesday, ABC’s The View decried “the downward spiral of black Republicans” and smeared ALL of them as “grifters” that would betray America and their race for “power.”

They spoke with race baiter and author Clay Cane about his new anti-black Republican book: “The Grift: The Downward Spiral of Black Republicans from the Party of Lincoln to the Cult of Trump.”

Teeing up her guest, Goldberg agreed that ‘grifters’ was ‘the right word for them.’ Cane, a liberal extremist, said he was ‘so saddened at the direction’ black Republicans were going.

Behar and Cane then attacked [Tim] Scott’s recent engagement to a white woman. They mocked how their names rhymed and suggested he only decided to marry her because it was good optics for a shot at being vice president[.]

Would they have attacked Tim Scott if he were a white man? No, of course not; they’re attacking him specifically because of the color of his skin. Call me crazy, but that’s pretty bigoted.

So by Behar and Goldberg’s standard…

Blacks who support school choice because they don’t want their children locked in failing schools so bad teachers can have job security, are in a downward spiral.

Blacks who don’t want illegals flooding  into the country because the former is disproportionately affected, are in a downward spiral.

Blacks who support more police because they too value safe cities and neighborhoods, are in a downward spiral.

Blacks who want lower taxes and less regulation because they’re entrepreneurs and want to achieve the American dream, are in a downward spiral.

Blacks who don’t support abortion because they detest the anti-black eugenics ideology underpinning the agenda, are in a downward spiral.

The entire premise of Black History Month is offensive, because it presupposes that black Americans are an “other” and relegates them to a place outside the rest of the citizenry; American history is black history, and black history is American history. Dedicating a separate month to celebrate “black history” as if these stories somehow don’t have a place in the mainstream American historical record is manufacturing an unnecessary divide; yet they pretend President Trump is the racist causing disunion.

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