Keep an eye on the Biden crowd

I am not a conspiratorialist by nature, and I know that what I have written here places me in the minority.  However, I do believe that Trump may well have won the 2020 election had it not been for the improper allowance of the “after-election vote count.”  

Granted, time was against Trump.  He was not organized, and he made far too many inane, unsupportable accusations.  And the mass media continued supporting their Democrat friends.

But we know that before the election, the Pennsylvania Legislature’s constitutional responsibilities were supplanted by Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions favoring Democrats.  In Georgia, we also know, there were alleged voting and machine  irregularities, most particularly in Fulton County.

My fear is that the 2024 election will witness many voting irregularities, and possibly riots and disruptions.  The Democrat Convention, in Chicago, could ignite such activities, which would then become rampant. 

There are many neo-Marxists among us, including illegal aliens from nations who are our avowed adversaries — namely, China — and those from assorted Middle Eastern countries who seek to bring America to its knees.  They are supported by a host of Soros-financed radical protesters.

Additionally, too many questionable changes, favoring Democrats, became commonplace occurrences prior to the election.  Ballot-harvesting lends itself to voter manipulation.

I hope I am wrong and that the election goes well.  But “win at any cost” seems the current tactic of the now weaponized Democrat party.  D.C. elites become a disgruntled lot when victory does not fall their way after a series of manipulated efforts have been concocted and embraced. 

The Biden crowd will stop at nothing. Stay tuned...

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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