Is Joe Biden’s staff sabotaging him or saving the nation?

The special counsel’s report on Joe Biden’s illegally hoarded documents from the time he was a senator and vice president was devastating on several counts.  Special counsel Robert Hur found that Biden “willfully and intentionally” took classified documents and stored them carelessly.  He also shared them illegally with ghost writer, Mark Zwonitzer.  But, he won’t be charged with a crime because his memory is now defective—in other words he is elderly and too feeble-minded, and making him a defendant would be cruel!  This is not how the legal system is supposed to work.

Never having been president at the time, Biden had no right to take any of said documents into his possession.  But, as everyone knows by now, the report also described Biden’s serious cognitive decline, a fact anyone who has been paying attention knows only too well.  The man’s brain is mush.  He should be home enjoying his dotage in peace, without his Edith Wilson wife shoving him on and off various stages.  She is a nasty piece of work; she never should have allowed him to run for she surely knew then what we all know now.

But to add insult to injury, Biden’s staff sent him out for a press conference to address the report.  They even allowed a press pool who shouted questions at him. That is rare; he usually has a prompt sheet telling him who to call on, what their question will be, and what his answer will be.  Not this time.  The result was a disaster.  He showed his anger, bragging that the charges against him were nothing like those against President Trump.  But they were exactly the same, only Trump’s documents were legally his to take under the Presidential Records Act, and were stored under lock and key, guarded by the Secret Service, not in a mess behind only a garage door.

So, the question is: what was Biden’s staff thinking, letting him speak to the nation at a time past his known bedtime, when he was clearly agitated, angry, defensive and obviously disoriented.  He called the president of Mexico El-Sisi; El-Sisi is the president of Egypt.  There were other obvious and serious lapses of sentience in his short, befuddled talk.  One has to wonder if his staff, seeing the writing on the wall, meant to expose his dementia to the nation at this time.  Isn’t it possible that they know he is non compos mentis and want to speed up the process of removing him from office?  They had to know he would behave exactly as he did.  No matter how many drugs he is given when he must appear in public, they are no longer working; they cannot fix or conceal his palpable dementia.

That Trump is being charged, absurdly persecuted by the odious Jack Smith for taking and properly storing documents he was legally allowed to keep now seems like what it is, more desperate lawfare.  Those charges should now certainly be dropped.  With each passing day, the fact that there is a two-tiered system of justice in this country is a constant slap in the faces of conservatives.  Pro-life activists are facing eleven years in prison for singing hymns near an abortion mill while the BLM and Antifa rioters of 2016, Trump’s inauguration, and the summer of 2020, who caused billions of dollars of damage, were not charged with the crimes they committed: arson, vandalism, destruction of federal property, etc.  Hundreds of persons present at the Capitol on J6 have been thrown in jail, denied due process, and sentenced to terms far out of proportion for the crime of “parading.”  There are countless examples of our system of justice having been weaponized, perverted, against people who oppose the extremist, globalist agenda of the American left.  America is now a functional police state.

Despite the left’s denials, there is no doubt that the 2020 election was not a clean and fair process, rigged and/or influenced by numerous calculating schemers on the left—Mark Elias, fraudulent mail-in ballots, Zuckerberg, a cabal of Democrat cheaters across the country.  Biden did not get 81 million votes, or if he did, he didn’t get 81 million legal votes.  The left so fears Trump that they are willing to do anything, no matter how illegal or corrupt, to destroy the man.  They fear his undermining of the uniparty, the deep state that actually runs the country.  They fear the loss of the power that defines and enriches them.  But the more lawfare they throw at Trump, the higher his polls go; everyone except the pundits on MSNBC and CNN knows it.  Their pundits are turning themselves inside out trying to diminish the meaning of the special counsel’s report.  They seem to have no idea how hilarious their silly defenses of Biden are at this point.

John Yoo has suggested that if Biden feels the report unfairly represented the facts with regard to his mental acuity, he could release the transcripts of the interviews with the special counsel; I am betting that will never happen.  If any of his staff or his wife were with him during that two-day interview with the special counsel, they certainly know now how far gone he is.  Perhaps that is why they chose to let him expose his condition to the nation.  Has his mental decline affected his judgment regarding: Opening the border to all comers, ten to twelve million foreigners?  The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan?  His provoking Putin to invade Ukraine?  His terribly conflicted response to the Hamas attack on Israel?  His ignoring of the SCOTUS regarding the cancellation of student loans?  Destroying the energy independence achieved under Trump?  His “pausing” exports of LNG?  His militant embrace of transgenderism?  His releasing billions of dollars to Iran?

Then there is the massive financial corruption of the Biden family. The list of his actions devastatingly detrimental to the country is long.  Whoever let him speak to the nation Thursday evening wanted the American people to know just how far gone he is.  He must be removed from office before he does any more damage.

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