In Biden’s case, age doesn’t beget wisdom; it begets idiocy

With polls showing that voters across the political spectrum are concerned about Biden’s age, his handlers are spinning that he’s wise. While there can be a correlation between age and wisdom, it’s decoupled in Biden’s case.

There are two main reasons for this:

First, Biden hasn’t learned from experience. He lacks experiential intelligence.

Second, the part of the brain most associated with wisdom is the prefrontal cortex. Biden’s brain is ravaged by dementia, something that even those who work closely with him will not deny, instead hiding behind the euphemistic “slowing down.”

Age alone does not engender wisdom. Wisdom also requires an openness to learn. Wisdom is often defined as the ability to make sound decisions and to advise others to behave in ways that are more likely to bring about desired outcomes. By that measure, Biden is not only unwise, but he also repeats so many mistakes as to indicate insanity.

A trait of wisdom is having the humility to recognize that a change of course is necessary. But Biden is stupidly stubborn, jeopardizing America just so he can spite Trump and his supporters by overturning Trump’s successful policies, especially on immigration and energy independence.

Image: Joe Biden (edited). YouTube screen grab.

Not only is Biden lacking the soundness of mind required for wisdom, but there’s empirical evidence that his brain itself is incapable of rendering the traits associated with it. Neuropsychiatrist Dilip Jeste informs laypeople that “The prefrontal cortex, hands-down, is the most important part of the neurobiology of wisdom… It’s the region in the brain responsible for reasoning, judgment and behavior control. “

Unfortunately for Biden—and, more importantly, us—the prefrontal cortex is the area of the brain most affected by dementia. Admittedly, no MRI or other potential Biden brain-scanning results are public (assuming they exist). However, one indication of Biden’s diminished capacity is his boorish behavior, which makes it evident that his frontotemporal region, which is especially susceptible to dementia, is malfunctioning.

The part of Biden’s brain that’s supposed to regulate social behavior and control impulsive instincts is clearly dormant. His frequent bad-tempered outbursts are unbecoming even for a tin-pot dictator. Oh, I almost forgot: He’s trying to transform us into a banana republic, the regimes of which are often led by paranoid madmen, not wise men. But he’s the president of America, not the Americas.

There’s consensus that experience wrought from aging is a prerequisite for wisdom. As Will Rogers is reputed to have said, “Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Given his huge reservoir of bad judgment, Biden should have an ample reserve of good judgment. But he’s like a toddler, acting more like his shoe size than his age. If he weren’t so loathsome, one might even feel some compassion for him since severe dementia can impede wisdom.

Another feature of wisdom is the capacity to exercise agency. But rather than take control, Biden is dependent on a bunch of handlers manipulating his feeble mind. Attributed to Aristotle, but oft-repeated through the ages, is the observation that “nature abhors a vacuum.” Biden’s puppeteers intuitively know this and have gleefully filled his empty mind with leftist orthodoxy.

But there’s a reckoning pending, for we are not a banana republic. We are a constitutional republic that only flourishes with informed citizens and wise leaders. It’s time for Jill Biden to eschew the trappings of office. Wise-up: take hubby’s hand (he’s bipedal but has issues with locomotion) and usher him from the White House to a more suitable place—the madhouse. Biden’s age hasn’t begotten wisdom; it’s begotten idiocy.

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