Happy Black History Month: Boston officials take away black people's rec center to house illegals

In Boston, they have a peculiar way of celebrating Black History Month: By taking away black people's community recreation center their taxes paid for in order to house illegals.

At the same time, they left white people's rec centers still there for the enjoyment of the whites.


As Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said, "It's painfully familiar," that illegals would be sent to the Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex, while the local black kids would be kicked out.

What's "painfully familiar"? That blacks would be asked to pay the consequences of white-liberal sanctuary city policy, so whites can feel good about themselves?

The black kids, whose families are struggling, don't really have other places they can go unlike, say, the wealthier whites who still have their rec centers. 

According to the Boston Herald:

“We are here today because we really don’t have a choice,” Healey said during a news conference. “As you know, families continue to come into this country, continue to come into Massachusetts. … We are here because we need to make sure we have a place for people to go safely.”

Wednesday marked the first day of the Cass serving as a temporary overflow site for migrants, and while state and local officials vowed to embrace those taking up residence for the next few months as “brothers and sisters,” others protested the facility’s conversion.

A handful of residents gathered outside the center, shouting “Shame on Wu” and “Shame on Healey.” One man yelled at police guarding the facility, “It’s a (expletive) money grab. You don’t give a (expletive) about (those) born and raised here.”

A message on one sign read, “Why Roxbury? Try Wellesley!”

Wellesley can take them and sure enough, they are as white as snow. But somehow, they picked Roxbury. According to the City of Boston, there are 30 such youth and family recreational centers run by the city, many in very white districts. Even the fact that they cleared out the airport for this was arguably another way of making the blacks pay, given that most struggling Roxbury residents don't have enough money to use the airport while better-off residents, who are often white, have that kind of money and their need for a migrant-free airport comes first.

But Wu told residents to cheer up, because it would be better for them this way. According to the first video, the migrants would 'help' the community. The City planned to use local vendors to provide free meals for the migrants (that cash-strapped local residents won't get) and once the migrants are cleared out by June, (to places unknown given the lack of a plan), the City will sweeten things for Roxbury by providing long-overdue upgrades to the center, as if they wouldn't do that otherwise.

If you were a local, you'd probably suspect that they expect the migrants to trash the place as they have the hotels of New York, so they'll have to do the upgrades -- for months, or years, or however long it takes.

As for the little kids who need to use the rec center, too bad about that.

No swimming, no track and field, no exercise class to work off their little-kid energies, no arts and crafts classes for them. Why they can't put the illegals in one room, block off the showers, pool and track for part of the day for at least some of the kids to get their exercise in, is unknown, but obviously, illegals' convenience come first, and black kids will always be second priority. So it's off to the streets for the black kids, including the open-air drug market which reportedly is pretty close to the center.

And yes, their families are noticing.

The reaction was like this:

Happy Black History Month, where in Boston, the historic experience of discrimination is celebrated with a live demonstration.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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