Grindr, the original gay hookup app, is under fire for discriminating against gays

In a further sign of the crumbling leftist victim coalition, there is trouble brewing in LGBTQ+ land. The T(ransgender) in the LGBT acronym isn’t playing well with the L(esbian) and G(ay). Grindr, the original gay hookup app, is being accused of homophobia for refusing to let people narrow hook-up choices to their own sex.

It was obvious that transgenderism would tear down everything else. We went from nice people not wanting to see homosexual friends and relatives arrested to overlooking how gay promiscuity fueled AIDS’s spread to all-out Democrat support for gay marriage. And then naïve people outside and inside of the LGBTQ+ community thought that “all is good and now it ends.”

However, the activists immediately moved away from sexual orientation and onto “gender identity.” The Supreme Court, courtesy of Justice Gorsuch, introduced gender identity into America’s employment system when he insisted that the word “sex” in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 didn’t mean what Congress intended it to mean.

In 1964, “sex” had one meaning: The male-female binary. However, Gorsuch announced that “sex” means whatever today’s dictionary writers (leftists all) say it means…and they say it means “gender identity” (i.e., so-called transgenderism). That, in turn, means people announcing that they can magically—and legally—switch their genetic sex by simply announcing that fact. (Kind of like Yul Brynner’s Pharoah in The Ten Commandments.)

Image made using the “intersex inclusive pride flag” (public domain).

LGBTQ+ activists everywhere celebrated. That so-called transgender people were now legally and culturally recognized under the umbrella of what was once a homosexual rights movement was considered a huge victory. Those people whining about men taking away women’s places in sports were just poor losers.

Some of us, however, pointed out that the so-called transgender activists weren’t just erasing women. They were also erasing the lesbians and gays in that LGBTQ+ acronym. While “tomboy” girls once either grew out of it or became lesbians, they were now being told that they were boys, and being fed mental illness, dangerous hormones, and mutilating surgeries. Meanwhile, more effeminate boys, the ones who might always be gentle men or actual homosexuals, got the opposite treatment: “You’re a girl, boyo. Take the estrogen pill and cut off your penis!”

The same concern that we allegedly homophobic and transphobic haters voiced is filtering into the gay and lesbian community. Grindr, the infamous same-sex hookup app, is now busy erasing the reality that gays are men who like men and lesbians are women who like women. They, too, must bow down to so-called transgender fantasies:

A gay rights activist has criticised Grindr for its trans and nonbinary-inclusive filter.

Currently, the dating app prevents users from searching solely for Cisgender men and women, the site explains. “It was important to us to not further perpetuate discrimination and harm for the trans and nonbinary community.”

Instead, users can filter who they’d like to speak to on the app. The trans-inclusive filter details “three umbrella gender groups”: men, women and non-binary people.

Fred Sargeant took to X (formerly Twitter) on 5 February to question the app’s filter. The app detailed its trans-inclusive filter in a frequently asked questions section of the website.

Here’s that tweet from Sargeant, who was at Stonewall and is all about the gay liberation movement:

Reading through Sargeant’s feed, it’s apparently that he’s done with the transgender mafia and, judging by the retweets he includes, others are as well.

It was always ludicrous to believe that so-called transgender people wouldn’t stay in their place in the homosexual world and that, by stretching their little fairy wings, they would destroy homosexuality entirely. After all, the only difference between a homosexual and anyone else is that a homosexual is attracted to people of his or her own sex. If you start forcing gay men to sleep with women (who claim to be men) or lesbians to sleep with men (who claim to be women), you’ve erased homosexuality entirely.

And yes, I know I’m bad, but I do love seeing the rainbow flag shatter. What started as an act of kindness has turned into a culture destroy madness. Just watch the video below, where you see the aggression of men, the emotionalism of women, and the hatred of leftism:

This needs to end before it tears everything apart.

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