Another day, another Venezuelan thug in New York: Here come the Caracas slums

Another day, another Venezuelan thug.

This is what New York City has drawn upon itself as the mother of all sanctuary cities, based on this report from the New York Post:

A 15-year-old migrant suspected of shooting a tourist and firing at a police officer in a robbery-gone-wrong in Times Square was arrested on Friday, authorities said.

The US Marshals Joint Regional Fugitive Task Force and the NYPD tracked Venezuelan teen Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa down in Yonkers less than 24 hours after Thursday’s mayhem at the Crossroads of the World.

It follows from the New York Police Department's announcement a couple days ago about a major theft ring of Venezuelan migrants plaguing New York City, rushing up on mopeds and dragging victims on sidewalks to rob them, and before that, the FBI warning of a major prison gang making its way up to the U.S. from Venezuela. That was five days ago. Shortly before that, there also was the heinous beating of two New York Police officers in Times Square by eight asylum-seeking Venezuelan illegals, most of whom were found to be living at the expense of the city near Times Square. After their arrests, they were let out with no bail, and at least two of them flashing double-middle fingers to their country of "asylum." Before that, Venezuelan flash mobs reportedly plagued New York and Long Island department stores, stealing thousands in goods.

Sound like Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro is emptying his prisons as reports have had it? Sound like the Caracas slums are coming here?

That we are getting so many of these reports in such rapid sequence about these Venezuelan migrants tells us a lot about what is coming down the road for the U.S. This one tried to rob a sports-gear store near crowded Times Square with two other migrants, got stopped by a security guard, pulled out a "very large" .45 caliber handgun and shot at her as well as into the crowd, according to the Post. He hit a Brazilian tourist in the leg, who was hospitalized and sent home (nice vacation ending for her, and nice ad to come to Manhattan) and then fired not once, but twice at pursuing cops before getting away. The cops picked him up the next day, supposedly bawling alongside his mother as a "child," but that kind of behavior is cultural -- being perfectly visible in this documentary about Colombian shantytown dwellers here

Where did this poor pitiful "asylum-seeker," for one, get his gun in that gun-free city? Where did he get his expensive "fly" haircut, his white designer duds for his shooting spree, a gold necklace for his arrest, and a big gun for his robberies?

Six months after arriving, he's already on his way to having a long rap sheet:

The teen arrived in September and had been staying at a temporary shelter at the Stratford Hotel on West 70th Street, Chell told reporters.

He is also a suspect in a gunpoint robbery in the Bronx from Jan. 27, and another incident in which shots were fired at a park on 45th Street in Midtown on Jan. 25, police said.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether he would also be charged for those incidents.

There's suggestions all throughout this story that he's an experienced thug, in the way cops described how he fired his weapon, in his having a high-caliber .45 handgun at all -- how does a 15 year-old in a gun-free city get that? -- and in having changed his clothes after his act and escaping from his migrant shelter to a second home base in Yonkers, about 15 miles north of Manhattan. The Post reported that the entire "family" left the facility on Friday.

The Venezuelan migrants not only have an outsized number of criminals coming over, they are coming here with an entitlement mentality, having been schooled since birth in the socialism of Hugo Chavez who once bellowed on Venezuelan radio that it was all right for poor people to steal from shopkeepers, which contributed to an atmosphere of lawlessness there that only went downhill. There also is the malevolent influence of Catholic "liberation theology" which claims a "preferential option for the poor" prevalent south of our border which promotes envy and victim mentality, effectively excusing crimes against those judged to be better off. Celebrate diversity.

The confluence of Soros district attorneys who don't prosecute actual crimes in blue cities, and the presence of Venezuelan criminals without legal status exposed only to socialist entitlement mentality amounts to the perfect storm for New York.

Even if Joe Biden does somehow shut the borders, the illegal migrants already inside are now beginning to create new waves of problems, including continuous high crime such as is seen in places like Venezuela, extending well beyond their mere illegal border crossings.

And that will have far-reaching lifestyle consequences for New Yorkers as they adapt to the presence of Venezuelan shantytown dwellers without legal status inside their city.

Since I spent time with decent people in Caracas and Medellin for that matter, I can give a rundown of the kinds of things New Yorkers can expect now that the Caracas "ranchos" have now brought in, and under Joe Biden, won't be sent back.

There will be express kidnappings, such as seen in this excellent movie here which featured authentic Venezuelan thugs cast in acting roles as themselves. Children will see their classmates disappear, their families fleeing from kidnappers without telling anyone. Carjackings will become common, as will bulletproof vehicles. Everyone will need a personal security guard and not go out without one. They will live behind high walls with enhanced security systems and their social life will revolve around private dinner parties -- where every participant is well-known and trusted. If you wear a watch, it better be a cheap watch, you don't dare wear one worth money. You also won't go out with jewelry of any kind on. Fake diamonds embroidered onto the bodice of your dress might have to substitute. You will be very careful about getting into a cab, and the cabbie will be just as afraid of you. If you do get into a cab, you will place your purse in the trunk because motorcycle and moped thieves will smash the car window in moving traffic to grab yours if it's visible. You will be very careful of stopping for diversions on roads, as they may be ruses for kidnappers, and you will watch the roads carefully for glass or nails that could puncture your tires, leaving you at the mercy of thieves and ransom-seeking kidnappers lying in wait. You will not use public ATMs for banking or pay for gas at outdoor gas pumps as organized thieves will place card readers in most of those. The entire society will become a low-trust society,eventually hampering economic development as has happened in places like Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, and Argentina, which have been hit by this kind of unpunished crime.

As Victor Davis Hanson has noted in the past, the great illegal migrant waves into the U.S. won't stop until migrants find that the U.S. they arrive at is no better than the place they left behind. That equilibrium appears to be advancing pretty rapidly here.

Welcome to the Caracas slums -- brought to New York by none other than Joe Biden and his open-borders policy. This won't be the last outrage to be heard from these imported thugs into our country. These daily crime stories are actually just the prelude.

Image: Screen shot from New York Post video, via YouTube.

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