Pope Francis gives Marxists a pep talk

Of all the things Pope Francis has on his plate -- from an apparent pervert in the Grand Inquisitor's chair, to looming schisms, to dioceses bankrupted by sex abuse payouts, banking scandals, lavender mafias, and empty churches save in Africa, dialogue with avowed Marxists seems like something that ought to be very low on the papal to-do list.

But here we are, the pope suddenly in 'dialogue' with members of the world's biggest failed philosophy, holding a mano-a-mano as if the two were equals, and that includes a pep talk.

According to LifeSiteNews:

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — Hosting a Marxist-Christian dialogue group at the Vatican on Wednesday, Pope Francis urged them to “be open, in dialogue, to new ways,” while avoiding reiterating the Church’s consistent condemnation of Marxism. 

Shortly before his weekly general audience on January 10, Pope Francis received a small delegation from the DIALOP group. DIALOP, according to its own description, is a “project of dialogue between Socialists/Marxists and Christians, involving intellectuals, academics, politicians, activists and students from several European Countries.”

In his address, the pope urged the Marxist and Christian attendees to “never lose the ability to dream.” 

Today, in a world divided by war and polarization, we run the risk of losing the ability to dream. We Argentines say, “no te arrugues,” meaning “don’t back off.” This is my invitation to you as well: Don’t back off, don’t give up, and don’t stop dreaming of a better world. 

Francis stated that “it is in imagination, the ability to dream, that intelligence, intuition, experience and historical memory come together to make us be creative, take chances and run risks.”

What an amazing load of garbage. Since when have Marxists, once ensconced in power, have ever permitted the ability to dream, let alone use intelligence, intuition, experience, or historical memory? Name one Marxist regime that ever allowed it.

Marxist regimes are big on destroying statues and erasing people from official photos as regards that historical memory part. They throw creative artists in jail or drive them into exile. Natalia Goncharova was unavailable for comment but one could probably ask Mikhail Baryshnikov who, like her, was an artist who fled the Marxist U.S.S.R. for artistic freedom. Meanwhile, anyone who takes "risks" in a communist regime -- such as going to Church -- ends up a 'non-person,' if not in front of a firing squad, in a mental hospital, thrown into a Gulag, shoved into a laogai, or else experiences a turba mob screaming, surrounding, and flinging excrement at his home.

Marxism, recall is famous for its death count, its mass revolts, its created poverty, and its refugees. People flee Marxist regimes wherever they are found -- and now Marxists are turning up in the Vatican.

The dialogue thing is absolutely ridiculous. The group he's dialoguing with, DIALOP, is a European Marxist group that says it wants a RESET, which isn't too popular these days.

Now, one may argue that the pope is just trying to bring all sorts of souls into the Church fold as they are in order to "save" them, same way he is trying to bring in the gays. It may just be politics, such as he and his minions are playing with gay couples.

But if it were, it's a preposterous move. Right now, voters all over Europe are electing people like Geert Wilders and Giorgia Meloni, who are profoundly anti-communist. In every European country, the anti-communists are the wave of the future, as the commies say. Why he's reaching out to the loser side that has been thoroughly discredited by the experience of having them in power is quite a mystery.

The include-them-all argument falls apart further because we don't see any 'dialogue' from the pope with traditional Church Catholics, or hardcore libertarians. How about some dialogue with Nazis while he's at it, given his attraction to pariah philosophies? He could even combine the Marxists with the Nazis, given that both are socialists.

It's such a strange thing, suggesting that Marxism is this pope's comfort zone, given all of his other misguided statements, to the exclusion of all other ideas. Even Pope John Paul II was curious about the libertarians, having once asked someone to bring him some of atheist Ayn Rand's books for him to read. But not this pope. Recall his bad treatment of the Heartland Institute's people who tried to 'dialogue' with him. He didn't give them the time of day, and as for traditional Catholics, they are being suppressed.

LifeSite points out that all popes until he came along have sent out a firm message about the incompatibility of Catholicism and Marxism.

Catholic teaching against Communism is very clear. Writing in Quadragesimo Anno, Pope Pius XI warned the entire Church about “the impious and iniquitous character of Communism.” Describing Socialism as slightly less violent, Pius XI firmly prohibited any attempts to marry Socialism and Catholicism:

Whether considered as a doctrine, or an historical fact, or a movement, Socialism, if it remains truly Socialism, even after it has yielded to truth and justice on the points which we have mentioned, cannot be reconciled with the teachings of the Catholic Church because its concept of society itself is utterly foreign to Christian truth.

Pius XI also penned such words in Divini Redemptoris

Communism is intrinsically wrong, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever. Those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their aid towards the triumph of Communism in their own country will be the first to fall victims of their error. And the greater the antiquity and grandeur of the Christian civilization in the regions where Communism successfully penetrates, so much more devastating will be the hatred displayed by the godless.

Pius’ words merely built on the constant teaching of his predecessors. Pius IX’s 1846 encyclical Qui pluribus described Communism as “a doctrine most opposed to the very natural law,” which would usher in “complete destruction of everyone’s laws, government, property, and even of human society itself.

It's not for nothing that communism has been called "the devil's imitation of Christianity." Communism creates poverty wherever it goes, and while the Church champions the poor, it shouldn't be endorsing the manufacturing of more poor people just to champion them. Sharper popes in the past have spotted that false-flag resemblance and hastened to condemn the deceptive and lethal atheistic philosophy to make sure the faithful understood. Not this pope. He sees the imitation and mistakes it for the real thing, and then goes and encourages more of it even as ordinary people run as far as they can from it.

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