UPDATED: Leftwing media peddles haunting fiction of rape-related pregnancy and the inability to access ‘healthcare’

(Update: A new report just out at The National Pulse found that the authors behind the study cited in this blog were under the direction of Samuel L. Dickman, a Planned Parenthood medical director and current abortionist.)

From Time Magazine yesterday:

Rape Led to 64,000 Pregnancies in 14 U.S. States With Abortion Bans, Study Says

The authors, who noted there is no reliable state-level data on rapes, analyzed multiple data sources to estimate reported and unreported rapes. The study used national rape data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adjusted for survivors of reproductive age using Bureau of Justice Statistics and for those who experienced vaginal rape using previous research, and apportioned for each state based on Federal Bureau of Investigation rape statistics from local jurisdictions. They also referenced previous research on the prevalence of pregnancy resulting from rape.

When I read the headline I immediately suspected it was a fabrication to push the abortion agenda. It is no different than all the made-up garbage we read on climate change, to push the radical “green” agenda—which is really just a scheme to destroy and remake America, based on easily-manipulated computer models that have always been wrong with previous predictions.

My first thought was: How many women get pregnant each year from rape?

This article on rape and pregnancies in the U.S. was just printed by Time with what appears to be no questions and no research.

This sentence should tell people that the number of “64,000 pregnancies” in the 14 states that limit abortions is made-up, pulled out of thin air, just like the six-foot “social distance” separation that Anthony Fauci admitted wasn’t based on science.

"The authors, who noted there is no reliable state-level data on rapes….”

Since journalists won’t do any research and people will use these made-up numbers to push their agenda, whatever it is, I thought I would do some for them.

The actual number is unknown, but here is an estimated of number of rapes or sexual assaults in 2022, in America:

In 2022, about 442,754 women were raped or sexually assaulted in the U.S.

Of that number, 133,294 were categorized as “forcible rape” or “attempts and assaults to commit rape,” and we do not know how many of those reported instances rapes were in the 14 states that severely limit abortions—but I am sure it is not that high. Of the top eight states with the highest reported rape incidents, five have legalized abortion through all nine months of a baby’s life in the womb (Illinois, California, Michigan, New York, Colorado).

Now, according to this article from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 5% of women who are raped each year get pregnant as a result of the rape; if this is anywhere near accurate, then 5% of the “133,294” rape number (although we already know a portion of that never resulted in a “successful” rape) yields 6,665 pregnancies. Of course, this is nowhere near 64,000.

It is pathetic how many made up numbers come out from people who claim they base their numbers on science. They are wrong and the gullible or complicit media just repeat them as facts. If facts supported the Democrats’ agenda, they would not have to invent statistics and numbers—and supposed “fact-checkers” act like this garbage is true.

Summary: Never trust what you are told, whether it is by journalists, politicians, bureaucrats, educators, scientists, or entertainers. Always do your own research.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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