Border surge spreads west, video shows migrants rolling into La Jolla's Windansea Beach

You've got to hand it to Texas's Gov. Greg Abbott: When he protects his state's border, the cartel human smuggling operators take their migrant landing points elsewhere, because not every state protects its borders like he does.

Which brings us to far-west San Diego where I am, with its famous surfing spot, Windansea Beach in tony, ritzy, La Jolla, which is at least as rich as Martha's Vineyard, immortalized in Tom Wolfe's 1968 New Journalism masterpiece, "The Pumphouse Gang." 

Maybe the "mysterioso" stuff is a lot of garbage, but still, it is interesting. The surfers around the Pump House use that word, mysterioso, quite a lot. It refers to the mystery of the Oh Mighty Hulking Pacific Ocean and everything.

What's going on at Windansea now?



Since this is a place I know well -- not the scruffy, low-class border area, not the forbidding cactus-filled, rattlesnake-infested, desert/mountain badlands, both of which are associated with illegals arriving in San Diego County -- I feel the shock of recognition. They are rolling in on this side now.


The scrappy, independent Times of San Diego reported:

In a second incident, in La Jolla about 90 minutes later, a large panga landed on the rocks at Windansea, OnScene reported, with up to 30 people seen leaving the boat. The group, including women and children, ran east to waiting vehicles on La Jolla Boulevard. The cars left the scene.

(Because you know the left-leaning San Diego Union-Tribune isn't going to cover this.)

The migrants are now coming here, in well-organized, perfectly timed, practiced, military precision. Look at the planning that went into that landing. They must have done this many times before.

They left their litter, too, according to this Instagram post:

"The waves were gnarly and the boat had capsized; the fuel had dumped into the water and you could smell it," a local said.

There have been other incidents of migrants landing boats in tony coastal areas in the last few years -- I've seen reports of migrant boats landing in Coronado, Huntington Beach, and Malibu, but as you can see from the video, this was right out front in downtown La Jolla in broad daylight.

Until now, it's never been this brazenly done.

Where are they going? What will they be doing? Who are the NGOs on the inside who are helping them? We know that home break-ins and car burglaries are dramatically up in La Jolla, and yes, foreign gangs from places like Chile have been implicated. Where are these recent arrivals now? 

The topic is trending on Twitter because it's such a shock to those of us who know the place.

Many people are asking how the hell that boat got through right there next to the signature port of the world's mightiest Navy, with the home of the great nuclear submarines just down the coast at Point Loma?

Was nobody guarding the coast? Or are migrants simply being waved through, perhaps for a handsome cartel payment? Who pays for that disposable boat with its $20,000 engine?

Imagine if those military-aged young men rolling out into that waiting van on La Jolla Boulevard were actual soldiers? As this video makes the rounds on the internet, you can bet China and Russia are watching.

Where the heck was the Coast Guard?

And howzat outsourcing of the guarding of our border and sea coasts to the Mexican National Guard (just announced the other day) working out?

According to a Border Report item that ran on local Fox5 News:

According to Mexico’s National Guard, it will try to have at least three soldiers on patrol in the area at all times.

“It’s not worth risking your life by trying to swim around the wall,” said Juan Hernández Guiñal, director of water rescues for the Tijuana Fire Department. “There are high waves and strong currents, which add to the level of danger for the migrants, we urge them to not cross the border in this area.”

They don't need to swim. They'll just take the water taxi to La Jolla, complete with waiting van on the other side, because nobody's going to stop them.

Since everyone in La Jolla is likely to be talking about this, it's a huge whomp upside the head for them. They are rich and they vote generally blue. Border problems are problems of the badlands, not the boulevards and promenades of La Jolla.

Now they get the border surge Joe Biden launched on Texas, like a squeezed balloon spilling over to the California coast.

Thus far, nobody in the establishment has said a word about this, not the City of San Diego, of which La Jolla is an enclave, not the San Diego Union-Tribune, not the wokester Navy, not the Coast Guard. Was everyone at a drag show?

Who the hell missed this and why is it happening?

But you can bet that just like the residents of Martha's Vineyard, the residents of La Jolla are bound to be making phone calls, as their city looks to become the next Eagle Pass, or Lukeville. It's coming.

Take another bow, Joe.

Image: Screen shot from Jorge Ventura Media video, via Twitter

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