Young single mother shoots intruder breaking into her daughter’s room, receives eviction notice from anti-gun slumlord

This is exactly what you get when government officials promote criminality as a virtue, whether it comes from the legislative chambers or the Soros-bought district attorneys around the country—anti-morality begets lawlessness and chaos.

Earlier this month A’Leah Wallace, a young single mother in Fort Worth, Texas, fatally shot an intruder she caught attempting to come through the window of her young daughters’ room in the early hours of the morning. Tragically, the intruder turned out to be just a kid, a 14-year-old boy who lived in the same complex, but of course, Wallace didn’t know that at the time. From a report published by the New York Post on Sunday:

‘I have four daughters. It’s just me and my four daughters that stay there. I just was protecting my daughters,’ Wallace said.

The remorseful mother says she’s ‘devastated that he [intruder] was 14,’ but ‘I had to think about my babies.’

‘I didn’t know he was 14 when he was on the other side of that window. All I knew was that somebody could come in and hurt me or my kids. That’s it.’

To add context to the story, the incident occurred after a string of attempted break-ins, a complaint that Wallace had raised with her landlord prior; from Fox News:

The incident happened not long after police left Wallace’s home after responding to her 911 call about someone trying to break into her duplex.

‘I called them at 1:22 a.m. She talked for like 20 minutes. They did a report, took pictures of everything and then they left,’ she recalled.

Wallace said she had four attempted burglaries before the last incident.

(The young man would be shot around 3 a.m., just a little over an hour after Wallace had called law enforcement over another attempted break-in.)

Even though Wallace purchased her firearm legally, and (as I see it) broke no laws, the anti-gun slumlord running her subsidized housing unit has issued her an eviction notice. 

Wallace started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a new home, and as I’m happy to report, has far exceeded her goal. Based on available evidence, Wallace did nothing wrong; in fact, she did exactly what a good mother should do. First and foremost she protected her children—four little girls aged 9, 8, 4, and 2, who would have been at the mercy of whoever was climbing through that window were it not for that “great equalizer” in Wallace’s hand. What other hope does a woman have against a man if not a firearm?

What’s really interesting though, and brought to my attention by a colleague, is that many of the names on the donation list sound very black—we see names like Rhoshanda, Davius, Laquisha, Tawonna, Venassa, Jhaquille, DeVon, and Devette—and one can only infer how much this issue speaks to the black community. After all, how could it not? They are the demographic most affected by the lawlessness pushed on the American citizenry by the Democrat party, the globalist left, and the useful idiot voter class.

Where are the Black Lives Matter lunatics who marched for George Floyd?

Apparently being a career criminal with a long and violent rap sheet, allegedly trying to pass off counterfeit money while being high on illicit drugs and dying in the process will earn you the exalted status of “martyred victim” and make you a civil rights hero, while being a single mother legally protecting the lives of herself and her four young daughters during a home invasion will get you homelessness and potential criminal charges.

Image: YouTube video screen grab.

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